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I might not have ever started making music if a friend didn't push me to learn to freestyle.

I later learned that all professional songwriters in the Billboard Top 100 use improvisation in the form of scatting and freestyling to write their songs.

And the coolest thing about this is songwriters from EVERY genre and style use improvisational lyrics to come up with their flows, hooks, and full lyrics for songs.

This is why I'm not just including all of my past music and upcoming music with your VIP Subscription.

You're also going to get my behind songwriting process so you can learn how to improvise your own lyrics in minutes.

You're going to get a full HD Video course that will teach you how to freestyle, and write your own songs using your new Off The Top freestyle skills. I made this course to help people like you feel the magic I feel when I write a new song.

So now you'll be able to freestyle and write your own songs so you can impress your friends and feel great about expressing yourself with music. There is no better feeling than sharing music that you wrote and recorded yourself!

You'll also get access to a private group of new songwriters and freestylers from all over the world who have taken my training and have started to make their own albums. This is where you can connect with me and ask questions as well.

Thank you for listening to my music and I look forward to helping you make your own!

- Pat Parra

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Pat Parra
San Jose
Pat Parra is a redheaded Chilean musician from San Jose, Ca.

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